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Every Length
Every Length

Choose from 5 min up to 60 min.

Every Level
Every Level

From beginner to advanced.

From couch potatoes to action heroes.

Unlimited Access
Unlimited Access

Enjoy access to all workouts and meditations.

New classes and series released frequently.

Plug & Play
Plug & Play

Anywhere, Anytime. Accessible on all devices.

Effective workouts with the BaseLine Ace

The BaseLine Ace is an innovative, super effective reformer. A machine that can do it all. With its portable size and chic design, it fits every interior. It also makes you save time, because it is right there, and you can work out, even if you've only got 5 minutes. No more excuses!
With the Ace we want to make an active lifestyle accessible, easy and convenient for everyone. You can work out smart and stay motivated, whenever it suits you right in your home or hotel room.

The BodyBase Approach

With a fresh approach to fitness and wellness, we push your limits and help you reach your goals, fast. 

Our keys:
A unique method and an effective machine, our own reformer, the BaseLine Ace
– Options for every mood, goal and level. So that you can sweat, feel the burn, flow and unwind with us. 
– Making it fun and motivating with our on demand videos. There is just no time for boring.

Join our community
Join our community

Workout Anywhere Anytime!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Go to https://on-demand.bodybase.com/ and click on ‘Join Now’ or ‘Start 10-Day Free Trial’. Choose your monthly, quarterly or annual plan and try our workouts for 10 days for free. Once you choose your plan and created an account, you can access all workouts anytime, anywhere on the web from your phone, tablet, laptop or smart tv by logging into your account.

Do I need a BaseLine Ace for the on demand workout videos

Yes, the BodyBase workout videos are based on our in-house developed BaseLine Ace machine. This is a unique combination of our BodyBase experience where we offer workouts from strength, high intensity, pilates, yoga to mobility on our own equipment. The classes are carefully designed by our Ace trainers on this machine.

Can I get an on demand membership if I have a reformer pilates machine?

The BodyBase workouts are designed to perform on our BaseLine Ace machine. Many exercises can be followed on a traditional reformer, but as the BaseLine Ace has unique features and is different to a traditional reformer machine, some of the exercises have to be modified on a reformer pilates machine or can’t be done. 

What language are the workouts in the platform in?

The BodyBase on-demand workouts are led by our international trainers, only available in English. 

How does the 10-day free trial work?

Go to https://on-demand.bodybase.com/ and click on ‘Join Now’ or ‘Start 10-Day Free Trial’. When you choose a monthly, quarterly or annual plan, you’ll start with a free trial of 10-days. In these 10 days you will have full access to all workout videos. If you don’t want to proceed with a plan after those 10-days, please ensure to cancel the subscription before the end of those 10-days, otherwise you’ll be billed for your plan.

What does a BodyBase on demand membership include?

The BodyBase on-demand membership gives you access to our on-demand classes anywhere, anytime with our equipment, the BaseLine Ace. It includes a diverse selection of strength, high intensity, pilates, yoga, stretching, and mobility classes. Our meditations can also be followed without the Ace. You can access the on-demand platform on the web on your phone, tablet, laptop or smart tv by logging into your account.